Coming to us

Whether it is your first fitting coming to us after leaving the hospital, or you are replacing your existing prosthesis and mastectomy bras, we will be happy to go through the wide range of bra, prosthesis, lingerie and swimwear with you to get that perfect fit and look that is right for you.

As a trained fitter I will discuss your requirements and explain the various options available to you in a relaxed comfortable environment. Consultations are by appointment and free of charge with no obligation to purchase. You are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member along for support.

Finding the perfect fit for you

Your Bra?

After surgery I understand that you may feel tender, sensitive or self-conscious. The right bra, fitted by a trained fitter, will help you feel like yourself again, restoring your femininity and confidence.

Buying a bra that fits well and makes you feel good is an important part of being a woman. A well-fitted bra can make all the difference to your appearance, your posture and your clothes. This is especially true after breast surgery. A bra that fits close to your chest wall between the cups with enough depth of material between the cups to cover the breast form will allow you the confidence to move as much as you want and dress as you did before.

A Mastectomy Bra has a specially designed pocket in the cup to hold the breast form. I stock a large variety of styles of bras in all shapes and sizes.

Your Prosthesis?

Your breast form is designed to mimic your natural breast and they do. Made from materials that resemble the movement, feel and weight of your natural breast, they come in different shapes, sizes, profiles and colours that feel soft and smooth to the touch. Everyone’s shape and surgery are different Carrying a wide range of breast forms from many different suppliers ensures that we have the right shape for you.

Partial Breast Forms following your Lumpectomy or Re-Construction

If your surgery has only slightly altered the shape or size of your breast, partial breast forms work really well to balance out your shape and restore an even silhouette. This may not become obvious for up to a year after surgery.

Partial Breast forms will also benefit unequal size breasts which can occur naturally or after breast re-construction surgery during the healing process.


Post mastectomy you are entitled to your first prosthesis and two mastectomy bra’s, this applies to all women that qualify for a medical card. Each year you are entitled to two mastectomy bras and every two years a new prosthesis if required.

Medical card holders will require a prescription from their breast care nurse or G.P.

To understand your entitlements contact me and I will guide you through what is necessary and deal with the invoicing and ordering for you.

Entitlements through personnel health insurance can vary depending on the health insurance company and the plan you are insured on. Your broker or insurance company will advise accordingly.